On behalf of nearly 14,000 members of the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police, I would like to
thank you for the outpouring of support shown to the Pickett family last Friday March 9th.
I have been to nearly every line of duty death in Indiana in my 35 year law enforcement career.
None have been easy, they have all been heart-wrenching. They have all left me with a strong
feeling of support from the communities, however. I often maintain while speaking at meetings
I’ve attended that there is overwhelming support for the men and women in law enforcement. I
know there is. It is never more apparent, however, than when the public pays homage to a fallen
On Friday, March 2nd, the world that Jennie Pickett knew was forever changed by a senseless
cowardly act of violence. Her husband of 10 years, a Boone County Sheriff’s deputy and K9
handler was taken much too soon. Since that terrible occurrence the support has been nothing
short of magnificent. Jennie’s employer-Brownsburg Community School Corporation, led by Dr.
Jim Snapp-rallied around her immediately and completely. Her peers let her know that she was
not alone in her grief. The public and business support during the visitation and funeral certainly
was indicative of a strong appreciation for Indiana’s law enforcement and the sacrifices officers
are all too often called upon to make.
To the media, thank you for honoring a hero in such a positive, professional way. Many stations
aired the funeral and procession in it’s entirety which will leave a lasting tribute to the legacy
Jake’s passing means to the family.
Lastly, to the citizens of this great state, thank you for the signs, the flags, and the tributes you
gave to Jake and his family. All along the 52 mile processional route the folks in Zionsville,
Lebanon and all of Boone County clearly displayed the love that they have for the men and
women in law enforcement.
If I may ask one thing of you, the public, once the initial shock of this tragedy wears off, please
don’t forget that feeling of gratitude. Thank an officer when you see them a month from now, 6
months from now, a year from now. While they are thankful for this support now, they will
appreciate knowing that you have their backs like they have yours.

William Owensby, President
Indiana Fraternal Order of Police
1427 E. Washington Street • Indianapolis

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