On April 30, 2023, there was a Senior Prank at Clinton Central Jr-Sr High School, in which approximately 25 CCHS students entered the building without permission from the school administration. Some of the students involved in the prank took the prank to a level of vandalism, in which the school was forced to cancel school on May 1, 2023, due to concerns for staff and students’ safety within the building.
CCHS was able to clean the building to allow for students and staff to safely return to school on May 2, 2023. The students that were identified as being present for the incident on April 30, 2023, were initially suspended from school for 10 days pending further investigation. Between May 1, 2023 and May 8, 2023, the school administration, the School Resource Officer, and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department conducted a thorough investigation of all surveillance videos, student witnesses, and physical evidence. The result of this investigation resulted in Clinton Central School Corporation (CCSC) electing to handle the consequences internally, and we are not recommending that any criminal charges be filed on the students involved in this incident. Ultimately, the final decision for any criminal charges being filed is made by the Clinton County Prosecutor.
The students’ final consequences were divided into several categories based upon their individual involvement in the incident. Punishments ranged from 5 days of Out of School Suspension, 40 hours of school based community services, restitution for damages, more than 5 days of Out of School Suspension, and some students will not be permitted to walk at the graduation ceremony on June 3, 2023.
CCSC would like to thank our school administrators, staff, School Resource Officer, and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department for all of their assistance during the investigation process. CCSC would also like to thank the students and parents that cooperated with the school during this investigation.
This was a very unfortunate incident that went too far with some of our Class of 2023 students. Moving forward students will not be permitted to conduct any sort of senior prank on CCSC grounds. We will encourage our future senior classes to offer a senior class gift to help make the school a better place for future classes.
This incident in no way takes away from what the Senior Class of 2023 have done for the Bulldog Community throughout their time with us. We recognize that our students are people, and they will make mistakes. We believe that our students will learn from their mistakes, and this will make them become even better adults in the future. We believe that we have implemented fair and just consequences for all individuals involved.
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