Wayne Bryant, Precilla Bryant and Chad Salsman

Lebanon Community School Corporation (LCSC) witnessed a heartwarming and historic moment on Friday, May 3, as Central Elementary School hosted a unique, once in a lifetime wedding ceremony for one of our beloved food service employees.

Precilla Bates, now known as Precilla Bryant after the wedding ceremony, has been an integral part of LCSC since 2007. Her deep connection to Central Elementary made it the perfect setting for her wedding to Wayne Bryant.

The ceremony, attended by over 60 students and their families, took place against the scenic backdrop of the playground. Liam DeVol, a 4th-grade student at Central, proudly walked Precilla down the aisle, while Gage Fields escorted Wayne.

Among the many heartwarming moments was when Chad Salsman, the officiant and LCSC Director of Exceptional Needs (formerly the Assistant Principal at Central Elementary), asked who would be giving away the bride, and all 60 students stood behind Precilla, declaring in unison, ‘we do!’

As Precilla and Wayne exchanged vows and rings, the atmosphere was filled with love, joy, and celebration. Following the ceremony, Precilla expressed her deep gratitude to the Central Elementary community, saying, “I couldn’t imagine not having all of you here with us today. This means so much to me.”

The wedding not only marked a significant personal milestone for Precilla and Wayne but also showcased the strong bonds within the LCSC family. Precilla’s impact on the community has been profound, and the celebration of her marriage at Central Elementary reflects the spirit of togetherness and support that defines LCSC.

Congratulations to Precilla and Wayne Bryant on their beautiful union!

Click here to view more photos from the wedding ceremony. 

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