New sound dampening panels were recently installed on the lobby walls of the Humane Society for Boone County Shelter to help mute noise in the building, which has a cathedral ceiling in the entry room.

The acoustical tiles absorb sounds that can cause stress for cats living in kennels in a room adjacent to the lobby at the shelter.

The panels were made possible by a Community Foundation of Boone County grant awarded to HSforBC to assist its mission as a non-profit service organization that helps homeless dogs and cats receive shelter, food, veterinary care and placement in forever homes.

HSforBC hired E-Noise to create customized panels in the shapes of a cat, dog, paw prints and shelter logo as well as a number of rectangular tiles.

“It is so much quieter in here now,” said HSforBC executive director Susan Austin. “This grant for a functional use also helped us extend our branding and mission, and has made the shelter so much more welcoming. As people walk into the lobby, they see these beautiful sound dampening panels that illustrate our mission.”

The acoustical tiles are a non-budgeted item, she said, that fulfill an important need at the shelter.

“The foundation’s unrestricted grants allow so many non-profits like HSforBC to do projects that cannot get funded any other way,” Austin said. “We can’t thank the Community Foundation of Boone County enough for their generous support.”