The City of Lebanon is set to receive a significant boost in its downtown revitalization efforts, thanks to $621,705.45 in grant funding from Boone County’s 180 Makeover program. This substantial financial support will be distributed among five key buildings in Lebanon, facilitating various improvements and fostering economic growth.
Here are the grant recipients and projects:

Boone County Cake Company (109 W. Main Street)
Grant Amount: $24,275.50
The established business will use the funds to construct a new patio, enhancing its outdoor seating area
and customer experience.

Collier’s Corner Building (126 S. Lebanon Street)
Grant Amount: $149,000
The funding will cover various improvements to this historic building, contributing to the preservation and
modernization of downtown Lebanon.

Eichman Exchange Building (124-126 N. Lebanon Street)
Grant Amount: $150,000
Owned by the City’s Redevelopment Commission, this building will undergo significant upgrades, ensuring
its continued role in the community’s economic and social activities.

Lido Building (124 S. Lebanon Street)
Grant Amount: $149,000
This grant will support multiple enhancements, revitalizing the property and adding to the vibrancy of the
downtown area.

Oaks on Main (222 E. Main Street)
Grant Amount: $147,429.95
Set to open as an events and coffee house in late 2024 or early 2025, this new business will use the funds for
a new HVAC system, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for future patrons.

The 180 Makeover program is an initiative of the 180 Alliance, funded through READI 1.0, and includes
Boone, Hendricks, Johnson, Montgomery, Morgan, and Putnam Counties, excluding Zionsville and
Greenwood. Boone County has approximately $1.2 million available through this program, with additional
projects in Whitestown and Jamestown set to be announced soon.

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