At approximately 8:00 A.M. Thursday, students alerted the Frankfort Police/Frankfort High School Resource Officer (SRO) and staff of a fight inside of a bathroom at the Frankfort High School. The students reported that one of the students possibly had a firearm as an ammunition magazine fell out during the fight. The SRO and staff took custody of the students involved. A search located a small caliber handgun. No ammunition was found in the school or school bus that the student rode to school today.
The school was placed on immediate lock down during the investigation. The Frankfort Middle School was placed on a temporary lock-out for precautionary reasons due to the proximity of the high school. Multiple officers, detectives and command staff responded to the school and coordinated investigative efforts alongside of school administration staff to ensure the safety of students and staff.
The suspect was transported to the Frankfort Police Department where detectives continued their investigation. The suspect is a seventeen-year-old male who was transported to a juvenile detention facility. He was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm on school property. The investigation did result in a search of the juvenile’s home. No other firearms were located.
All school operations returned to normal at 9:40 A.M.
“I am thankful that the student witnesses reported the incident to school officials and our SRO,” stated Chief Scott Shoemaker. “In a partnership with the Community Schools of Frankfort, we have had an officer in our high school for twenty-three years now.”
“We have a great partnership with the Frankfort Police Department,” stated Community Schools of Frankfort Superintendent Dr. Matt Rhoda. “We have prepared for incidents of these types of critical incidents. Today was an example of how we respond in coordination with the police department to keep everyone safe.”
The prosecutor will review the case and determine formal charges.

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