Frankfort Police are now accepting applications for the position of Police officer (Lateral Entry Preferred) Starting Salary: $52,477. Pay increases after first year of employment.
Lateral Entry Officers: $53,651 after successfully completing of Field Training program.

Job Description:
Performs duties related to law enforcement such as preventing crimes, investigate suspicious activity, apprehending violators, assisting persons in trouble, directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and enforcing traffic laws.

1. Must be a Citizen of the United States
2. The applicant shall be at least 21 years of age and shall not have reached his/her 36th birthday.
3. Must be free from any major impediment of the senses
4. Must be a high school graduate in possession of a high school diploma or an accredited GED
5. Must possess a valid driver’s license free of any major traffic offenses
6. Must be of good reputation and character
7. Must be able to pass a written examination, a physical agility test with
standards set by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, a polygraph examination and oral interview,
8. Must submit to an extensive personal history and background investigation; including a criminal history investigation
9. Must pass a physical examination and psychological examination as required by the governing body Public Employees’ Retirement Fund (P.E.R.F.)
10. Must not have any Domestic Battery or Felony convictions in any State.
11. A dishonorable discharge from military service shall disqualify the applicant and a discharge other than honorable may be grounds for rejection

To be eligible for consideration within the Lateral Entry Program, the applicant must posses an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (I.L.E.A.) Basic Certification or any State/Federal Certification accepted through the I.L.E.A. Waiver Requirement. Applicants must also have not been terminated or forced to resign by their previous employer.

Applicants testing for a lateral position will be exempt from taking the written and physical agility testing.

The Lateral Entry Program will honor up to 5 years of previous continual service for establishing vacation days.

Applicants with more than 1 (one) year of experience will be credited with 30 days sick leave.

Applicants with prior certifications will be eligible for the Frankfort Police Department Technical Skills and Certification compensation pay up to $1,050.00.

Eligible for take home car after successfully completing FTO program.


You may click on the APPLY button and complete an initial application. If qualified, further information about obtaining a complete application package will be sent to you. You may also request a complete application packet at the Frankfort Police Department between the hours of 8 A.M. to 4P.M. Monday through Friday. A completed application package will ask for a copy of your driver’s license, birth certificate and copy of high school diploma or GED certificate and all other appropriate graduation certificates. Applications will be accepted until Friday February 22, 2019 at 3PM.