The City of Frankfort is proud to announce it has received $20,000 towards a Frankfort Housing Feasibility Study & Downtown Parking Feasibility Study.
The Frankfort Housing Study will take approximately ten to twelve weeks to complete. The study will look at the needs of Frankfort today and for future growth. The study will include what type of housing and how many. It will also have the market price on square footage for rentals so investors or developments can see their potential return on investment.
“There have been two complaints that we have heard from citizens and businesses, including its downtown parking and insufficient housing. The housing shortage is happening across Indiana, and we know that our Industrial Park and incoming jobs from the surrounding area could impact our housing,” stated Mayor Judy Sheets. “Our partnership with Community Foundation is wonderful. They see the community changing and are always here to see how they can help our community grow.”
The Downtown Parking Study will take approximately eight to ten weeks to complete. It will look at the current parking policies, address how many parking spots are needed today for downtown, and look at the future growth of the downtown area.
“I am constantly seeking grant opportunities for projects and feasibility studies in our community. I am data-driven, so once we have these studies, we can go out and attract investors, developers, etc., because we have data to back up what we are trying to accomplish. We want to encourage our downtown property owners to have apartments or multi-use spaces but to continue growing, we will need more parking. The question is how many spaces, what type, and how can we accomplish that to keep our downtown thriving and vibrant,” commented Community Development Director Kimberly Black.
To learn more about the feasibility studies, you can contact Kimberly Black at or 765.659.6770
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