(Elkhart) Indiana Conservation Officers responded to a water rescue at Heaton Lake Friday afternoon around 1:00.
A preliminary investigation indicates that several boys were swimming at Ideal Beach when two boys, 10 and 9 years old from Elkhart, began to struggle in the water. A lifeguard at the beach saw the 9 year old boy struggling and pulled him from the water. Lifeguards administered CPR and revived the 9 year old. Lifeguards, utilizing a human chain, found the 10 year old underwater and rushed him to EMS. Both boys were transported to Elkhart General Hospital.
The nine year old is in fair condition and is expected to fully recover. Unfortunately the 10 year did not recover.
Although it is not the most ideal outcome credit to the lifeguards, Elkhart Police, Elkhart County Police, Osolo EMS, and Fire departments for rescuing/recovering both boys. A nine year old is alive because of their efforts.
Indiana Conservation Officers along with special unit of Elkhart Police are still investigating this incident.