Local trucking company Bailey’s Trucking Incorporated along with help from Marketing firm Longhorn Marketing is heading up a relief effort to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey in Huntsville, Texas.

Longhorn CEO Terris Ayres says the website TEXASSTRONG.BIZ has been launched with all profits from the sale of merchandise being used to fund supplies and materials bound for the Waverly Station Cowboy Fellowship

Ayres says multiple semi trailers have been loaded with materials already and are Texas bound. To help simply log onto the Texas Strong site and make your tax deductible donation and receive your limited choice of apparel.

Bailey Trucking is a Frankfort based trucking company and Longhorn Marketing is a Frankfort based company with offices in Bringhurst, Frankfort and Lafayette and supporters of RadioMom 91.1FM and 101.3FM programming through Community Radio Partners Corporation.