Cauy Nance

The Boone County Basketball Hall of Fame is proud to announce that one of our four $500 graduate basketball scholarship recipients for the 2019-2020 school year is Cauy Nance of Lebanon High School. Cauy will be attending Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana this fall.

Cauy is currently a ten-year 4-H member. At Lebanon, Cauy played one year of baseball and four years of basketball. With basketball being Cauy’s passion, he participated as a ‘player coach’ at numerous youth basketball camps put on by the high school for younger players with this experience being moving and important to him. Being able to see how these youngsters gave it their all to complete drills and then watching them compete during games showed Cauy just what benefits of being in a leadership position can do for him and the kids’ basketball abilities. Being a player coach let Cauy be in a ‘teaching position’ – helping and seeing the youth learn, better themselves in reaching their goals, and in the end watching their team succeed. Basketball taught Cauy so many life benefits beyond just playing a sport. It has helped him grow as a person and to develop leadership qualities which will be beneficial to him throughout his life’s journey, Cauy told us. Being on a close-knit team allowed them to grow together as friends and to bond not just as a team but as a ‘family.’

Boone County Basketball Hall of Fame’s Mission is to recognize, honor, promote and preserve the history of Boone County basketball AND to provide annual scholarships to Boone County graduating basketball athletes. Due to our growing membership and donations, we are able to give a total of four scholarships this year from a very competitive field having received ten applications. Our other three scholarship winners will also be announced. To join our group at $20 per year or donate to the scholarship fund, please contact our Treasurer, Dick Threlkeld at 765-894-0300 or