Colts owner Jim Irsay experienced a drug overdose last month, and Carmel Police administered a dose of Narcan. Police responded to a call at Irsay’s Carmel residence on Dec. 8 around 4:30 AM, where he was reportedly found unconscious on a bathroom floor with a blue skin tone.

Upon arrival, police discovered Irsay had been moved to his bed, struggling to breathe with a weak pulse and constricted pupils. Despite an unsuccessful attempt to wake him with a sternum rub, Irsay showed a slight response after the administration of one dose of Narcan, a drug commonly used to revive individuals in opiate overdose situations.

While police were prepared to use an AED, paramedics arrived and took over lifesaving efforts. Irsay was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance.

The team has stated that Irsay is currently recovering from a “respiratory illness.”

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