In a statement released today, Lebanon Mayor Matt Gentry says he has removed Lebanon Police Chief Tyson Warmoth from his post:

Lebanon Police Officer Tyson Warmoth is no longer the Police Chief of the Lebanon Police Department. The 23-year LPD officer was removed from his position by Mayor Matt Gentry but will remain on the force. Warmoth will return to his last merit rank of Captain. Warmoth has also been suspended without pay for three days.

“Two days ago, I was made aware of a comment Tyson made on his son’s Facebook page in February 2017, while serving as Chief. This comment was crass, demeaning, and unacceptable. As Mayor, I have strict ethical policies, and high expectations how city employees in leadership positions carry themselves. Tyson violated that policy and significant changes were necessary.” said Mayor Gentry. “Tyson is a decorated officer that has served this community for 23 years. His decisive and heroic actions on March 2, 2018 will not be forgotten.”

Warmoth released this statement regarding his Facebook comments and his dismissal as chief: 

“I want to clearly, and publicly, apologize for the comment. It in no way reflects my character, morals, or leadership. It was inappropriate banter between father and son on a public accessed forum. It was wrong, and I was wrong for saying it. To the Citizens, to my fellow officers, and to Mayor Gentry, I am truly sorry.

It has been decided that I be removed from the Office of Chief of Police. This is a decision that I accept without argument. I have dedicated 30 years of my life to the law enforcement profession and to this community. I have been honored to serve as your Chief of Police for the past 3 years. I have worked hard in creating partnerships with the Lebanon Police Department and the public. I truly hope that work will continue in the next Administration. I will continue to do my best to protect and serve as I return to the Patrol Division. I do learn from my mistakes. This will not happen again. I do hope the community can forgive me for this error in judgement.”

Assistant Chief Brad Bailey will serve as interim Lebanon Police Chief until a permanent successor is named.