Frankfort, IN- On December 2, 2020, an Officer with the Frankfort Police Department conducted a vehicle registration query. The vehicle returned to a wanted person on an Indiana Parole Warrant resulting in the following new charges filed on Michael Ray, 32, of Frankfort, IN:

Warrant (Parole)

35-48-4-6.1(a)/F3: Possession of Methamphetamine Possession of b/t 10 and 28 grams of methamphetami, 35-48-4-6.1(a)/F4: Possession of Methamphetamine b/t 10 & 28 grams., 35-47-4-5(c)/F4: Unlawful Poss. of a Firearm by Serious Violent Felon, 35-47-2-1/F5:Felon Carrying a Handgun Def has a prior felony conviction w/in last 15 years., 35-48-4-11(a)(1)/MB: Possession of Marijuana, 35-48-4-8.3(b)(1)/MC: Possession of Paraphernalia

This occurred in 1400 Block of S Jackson St, Frankfort, IN.

Formal charges were filed by the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office. All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Pursuant to Indiana Public Access Laws, I.C. 5-14-3-5, certain factual information relating to the identity of a person arrested or jailed and the agency’s response to a complaint, accident or incident must be made available to the public.