Brad Mintener and his daughter, Marni Mintener Barron descendants of Albert S. White.

Thursday, Whitestown  community members unveiled two historical markers and a mural commemorating Albert S. White and the railroad. The markers commemorate White and the Big 4 Railroad. The mural is a depiction of a steam train. Albert Smith White was born in New York but came to Indiana to practice law in Lafayette. He was elected as a federal representative and then a senator from Indiana, before becoming the president of the Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Lafayette Railroad. The railroad helped establish communities all along what is now the Big 4 Trail. One of them was New Germantown, but the town officials couldn’t name it that because there was a Germantown, Ind., already established. So the officials decided to name the town after White and in 1851, Whitestown was born. More details in the Lebanon Reporter.

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