A cat left abandoned from Lebanon home.

On April 5, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division was made aware of possible animal abandonment in a Lebanon residence. The complainant and multiple neighbors advised that the two reported tenants, Faren Taylor and Devin Hodges, had vacated the property, leaving behind multiple animals.
On April 7, a search warrant was secured and ultimately 7 dogs and 7 cats were removed from the home for violation of IC-35-46-3-7 (Abandoned or Neglected Animal). The accumulation of fecal matter and urine was so profound that Deputies wore respirators while inside the residence. There was no clean surface for the animals to be on, and nearly all of them were significantly underweight
or showing signs of illness.
Humane Society for Boone County (HSBC) volunteers were on scene to assist with the care of the animals and the transport to their facility. The animals will remain in their care pending the investigation and pursuant to IC 35-46-3-6.
Deputy Hannah Fisher, Animal Control Officer, made the following statement:
“Blatant neglect and abandonment of animals will not be tolerated in Boone County. I am thankful for the initial call placed to the Animal Control Division and the many neighbors that provided further information regarding this residence. Additionally, the Humane Society for Boone County again came through as a great partner for acting so swiftly and with such compassion towards these animals. 14 animals were provided with clean, safe environments as a result of this investigation, and I am hopeful that we will be able to provide a second chance to each and every one of them.”
The Animal Control Division will be submitting criminal charges to the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

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