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Changes In Farming Power

I continue to be amazed how farming in Boone County Indiana can have so many twists and turns. Maybe it is because the water standing in so many places left areas where it was easier [...]

Don’t Fence Me In

“We raised horses, hogs and sheep. We raised some wheat which we trampled out with the horses on the ground floor. We raised buckwheat and frailed (sic)(probably meant flailed) it out in a rail pen. [...]

Beginning To Farm

With some ditches dug and the water beginning to recede a bit, more ground gets planted. But we are not out of the woods—ahem-- water yet. The higher elevation, of course, drains first and the [...]

Bierce Returns: Draining The Swamp

The last time we met I left you in the swamp. I felt that a bit unkind, so I thought it just that I come back to help you out. We can't describe our condition [...]

Bierce Gets Bogged Down In The Swamp

When I started this project I had only one thing in my mind. Start when settlers came and end with the present day farming. I had no idea that I would get bogged down in [...]

Boone County Pioneers Remembered

“The first pioneers in 1822 - 1824 found unbroken wilderness, no roads, no mills, deep-tangled brush and vines, and a good portion of the land covered with water.   The water flows in almost every direction [...]