The last time we met I left you in the swamp. I felt that a bit unkind, so I thought it just that I come back to help you out.

We can’t describe our condition as knee deep in alligators holding the baby in one arm and swatting mosquitoes with the other… but for a farmer that might as well be the condition. Even with a single, one horse, moleboard plow, we cannot plow water. For a Pennsylvanian or a West Virginian who is used to the water being down in the “crick”, ( I know my 3rd grade teacher told me that there was no such thing.You go explain that to the one who is up to his knees in crick stuff.) we are now faced with making this land useful.

Photo – Coutresy Google Earth

Photo – Joe Bierce

Photo – Joe Bierce

There still are no roads. All the provisions and tools we have are what we can carry on our back or load on a horse, mule or ox.

In the beginning all of this vast Northwest Territory belonged to the new U. S Government. They got it by treaty, trade or paid in cash, from the Indians. My GGGGGGGG Grandmother was one, legend has it.

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