Boone County Deputy Hannah Fisher is investigating an incident that occurred in the area of Hunt Country Lane/775 East on Friday, 03/12/2021.
A dog, believed to have stayed on its own property, was shot with what is believed to be a small caliber air gun type bullet.
We are hoping that this incident was the result of a negligent discharge or the dog crossing into the line of fire. If the shooting was accidental or justified (i.e. personal defense or protecting other animals), please step forward so we can provide the owner and nearby residents relief from their worries.
If this was an intentional act, and the person(s) involved are discovered, they will potentially be charged with a Level 6 Felony charge of Torture/Mutilation of a Vertebrate Animal and/or a Level 6 Felony charge of Killing a Domestic Animal (the dog is in critical condition).
If you have any information regarding this incident and/or may have been involved, please contact Deputy Fisher via Dispatch at 765-482-1412 x 8 or at
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