Dr. Jonathon Cavins

The Indiana Court of Appeals affirmed the convictions and sentence of Dr. Jonathon Cavins obtained in 2020. Jonathon Cavins, 46, was sentenced in June of 2020 by Boone Circuit Judge Lori Schein to a total sentence of 23 years with 19 years executed at the
Department of Corrections followed by 4 years of probation on 5 criminal felony counts (2 counts of Child Molesting, a level 4 felony; 1 count of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, a level 5 felony; and 2 counts of Child Seduction, a level 6 felony.) The convictions and sentence stem from acts perpetrated on 5 different victims by Dr. Cavins while acting in the course as the treating pediatrician of the 5 victims. Cavins was convicted by a Boone Jury in February of 2020. The prosecution team was led by Special Victim’s Prosecutor Heidi Jennings and Deputy Prosecutor TK Morris.
The Court of Appeals found “that the jury had ample evidence from which it could infer that Cavins had the requisite intent to support his five convictions.” Additionally, the Court of Appeals ruled that Cavins “failed to establish that his aggregate twentythree-year sentence with four years suspended to probation is inappropriate in light of the nature of his offenses and his character.”
When asked to comment on the Court of Appeals ruling, Prosecutor Eastwood offered the following: “We are grateful that the Court of Appeals upheld the convictions and sentence in this matter. Today’s ruling further confirms the strength and courage demonstrated by the boys that come forward to tell their story of abuse and the outstanding job performed by the investigation team which included members of the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office, Lebanon Police Department and Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center.”

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