Authorities authorized the arrest and transport of Erik Bliesze, 43, from Arizona late last week. The 43-year-old is accused of allegedly raping his wife in the back of a semi in August 2014.
Prosecutors charged Bliesze with rape, a level 3 felony; two counts of criminal confinement, both level 5 felonies; and domestic battery, a class A misdemeanor. If convicted, Bliesze faces a maximum of 29 years.
Bliesze was set to take a plea agreement on the charges in March of 2016, but did not show up for the hearing. According to court documents, Bliesze also did not fill out the required pre-sentence investigation report for the Boone County Probation Department.
Those actions precipitated Boone County Superior Court I Judge Matthew Kincaid to issue a bench warrant for Bliesze’s arrest. More details in the Lebanon Reporter.

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