The Boone County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce our partnership with the mobile application and security platform SaferWatch. SaferWatch is designed to help deter crime and document nonemergent situations. The SaferWatch App is free to the public and allows citizens to report incidents such as, suspicious activity, perceived threats, and many other public safety concerns directly to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office via a mobile device (cell phone/tablet). SaferWatch can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The application also allows the BCSO to send out real-time safety alerts to those who have downloaded SaferWatch. SaferWatch is just another tool that allows the citizens of Boone County to contact the BCSO about public safety concerns directly. The application allows users to upload pictures, videos, audio and/or text messages directly to the BCSO as an incident unfolds. This is one of the plus sides to the application, which is different than just phoning in a tip.
The SaferWatch application will cover all of Boone County. Reports sent in through the application will be sent directly to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division and then filtered out to the proper agency in which the incident is taking place.
We encourage Boone County residents to download the application and use it to send in tips. There is an option within the application to submit tips anonymously and also to request a call back for more information. PLEASE note that SaferWatch is NOT a replacement for 911. If there is an emergency, CALL 911.

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