The Boone County Solid Waste District is responsible for implementing programs to promote proper integrated solid waste management within Boone County.  To supplement the progress towards meeting the objectives of the District’s programs, the District is pleased to offer a community grant program.  The community grants are intended to help conserve natural resources, decrease dependence on disposal, demonstrate the importance of sustainability, and generally promote improvements in the health and welfare of the residents of Boone County.

Eligible groups for the grants include all local units of government, non-profit organizations, schools, civic organizations, businesses and clubs operating within Boone County are eligible to apply.  Applicants may apply for a grant of any value up to $5000 in any particular calendar year.  The District has set aside annually a total of $17,500 for the grant program.  The funds must be distributed within the following calendar year and all grant funded activities must take place within Boone County.

For additional information see their website and view the Community Outreach tab or simply click HERE for the application.

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