The Boone County Economic Development Corp (Boone EDC) announces the application opening of Round 2 of the 180 Makeover Matching Grant Program. Interested parties who aim to breathe new life into downtown areas, increase economic development, and preserve the rich history of these districts are encouraged to submit their potential projects between January 29 and
March 1, 2024.
The 180 Makeover Matching Grant Program offers an unprecedented opportunity for Boone County communities to revitalize their historic downtown areas. Eligible projects include a diverse range of improvements such as building renovations, blight elimination, public space enhancements, and downtown revitalization initiatives. The program seeks to create vibrant, inviting, and economically thriving downtowns that will serve as anchors for local residents and visitors alike.
“The initiative aims to establish downtowns that are vibrant, welcoming, and economically prosperous, serving as central hubs for both local residents and visitors. This program seamlessly aligns with the Boone EDC’s mission to promote economic development in Boone County, as it provides our communities with the opportunity to embark on transformative projects, breathing new
life into our historic downtowns and fortifying our local economies.” saidMolly Whitehead, Executive Director of Boone EDC.
Key eligible projects for Round 2 of the 180 Makeover Matching Grant Program include building renovations and improvements such as façade enhancements, roof replacement, structural improvements, HVAC replacement, electrical upgrades, tenant fit-out, and office relocations to upper stories to allow first-floor restaurant/retail use. Blight elimination projects are also encouraged, focusing on removing blighted structures to enhance the overall aesthetics and safety of the community. Public space improvements, including downtown parks, stage/event spaces, and pocket parks, are integral to creating dynamic and inclusive spaces.
The 180 Makeover Matching Grant Program is committed to encouraging collaboration between local governments, businesses, and community organizations to create dynamic, inclusive spaces that celebrate the region’s heritage while ushering in a new era of prosperity.
Boone EDC invites Boone County businesses and building owners to seize this opportunity and submit their applications for Round 2 of the 180 Makeover Matching Grant Program between February 1 and March 1, 2024. Together, we will build a future where our downtowns are not just historic landmarks but vibrant, thriving hubs that contribute to the prosperity of our communities.

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