On July 8, Indiana 39 will close in Mechanicsburg until Nov. 15 to fix the bridge over Sugar Creek. Boone County officials are pleading with the public to use the designated detour from the Indiana Department of Transportation instead of trying to find a local shortcut.
“The state’s detour is going to be the best, simply because there is no other good, safe crossings across that creek,” County Highway Director Craig Parks said. “Otherwise you’re going to be way out of your way on county roads which are not made for State Road 39 type of traffic.”
INDOT’s official detour will be Ind. 47 east to U.S. 421 then north to Ind. 38 to wind back to Ind. 39. That measures 21.5 miles out of your way. The alternative is Interstate 65 north to Ind. 28 and back to 39 in Frankfort, which is also 22 miles of extra travel. More details in the Lebanon Reporter.

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