Beginning April 22nd, data reports for COVID-19 related deaths and infections in Indiana will change to include clinically diagnosed, presumptive positive, and lab-tested cases. Prior to this date, only lab confirmed data consisting of negative and positive testing results were required to be reported to state and local public health officials. These new changes mean that if a patient has sufficient symptoms of COVID-19 and their healthcare provider feels confident in clinically diagnosing the patient with this disease, the provider may report this information to the proper state and local public health facilities without lab testing. However, if the patient was tested for COVID-19, the healthcare provider would be expected to wait until test results came back before reporting.

As time moves forward, so does our understanding of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Healthcare providers are becoming more familiar with symptoms of the infection and may feel less of a need to rely on testing to confidently diagnose their patients. Reporting criteria is changing to reflect this.

This change in reporting will likely produce an increase in state and local numbers of coronavirus infections and deaths. It is certainly possible that some individuals included in this count may be misdiagnosed with the novel coronavirus. Because data must pass through proper channels before it is reported on the Indiana State Department of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard at, there may be discrepancies between the numbers reported by the Boone County Health Department and state dashboard. We will continue to do our best to work with our community partners to provide accurate information to the public.

Please be aware that this anticipated increase does not call for dismay, but for continued communitywide action. Now more than ever, each and every Hoosier must continue to do our part to fight this virus to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Please continue to observe social distancing and wear face
Environmental Division Suite B201 (765) 483-4458 (765) 483-5243 Fax

Nursing & Vital Records Division Suite B202 (765) 482-3942 (765) 483-4450 Fax

Boone County Health Department 116 W. Washington Street – Lebanon, IN 46052

coverings when out in public, limit trips and errands as much as possible, take advantage of drivethrough and pickup services offered by our local businesses, practice regular hand hygiene, and take care of our community. The power to turn the tide against COVID-19 lies in our hands.

Please forward inquiries to Claire Haughton, Public Information Officer with the Boone County Health Department, at or (765)482-3942, option 7.

For further information about COVID-19, please visit the Boone County website at, the Indiana State Department of Health at, the CDC at, or the Boone County Health Department Facebook page at

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