Father, consigliere, intellectual, adventurer, enforcer, gemologist jeweler, leather smith, lover. When not saving kites, kittens from trees or undoing evildoers, Dan was a devoted father, who was tirelessly conspired for creative implements for his children.

As the skies parted and birds sang, Dan Fitzpatrick V1.0 was born to Mark and Susan Fitzpatrick on October 2nd 1973 in Portland, Indiana. Upon realizing their great gift, they quickly created a backup thus resulting in Simon, Dan’s brother. Dan managed later in his life to create his own backups covering the gender spectrum with the creation of his own children- Fallon followed by Thomas. These children proved to be his top priority in life, helping them grow into their late teens.

Dan- possessing astounding glimmers of genius- attended IUPUI, majoring in art. Unfortunately for art, Dan was a computer genius and was bribed into pursuing the field long before practical computer courses were offered by universities. Many organizations depended on Dan to take their operations to the next level securely.

Yet, despite being a total geek before it was cool, Dan established himself as an undeniable presence in the Indianapolis arts and music community. His sharp wit and strength allowed him to maneuver any social gathering with hawk-like calculated precision. He was unusually strong and despite his reserved demeanor, could manhandle the largest of kegs and unruly punks. Working with punkrocknight.com and never complying with the dress code, he helped establish the 20+ year operation still running every Saturday night in Indianapolis.

While having and mastering many skills and interests he was always available to help his fellow human. Demand for Dan was great and his attention to others often inhibited his timely arrival if he made it at all. One thing that can be said, when it mattered, Dan was there and on point.

Dan’s hard drive and growing lack of respect for sleep proved to finally take its toll on this giant of a man. His massive heart exploded at the beginning of the 12th day of September 2021, leaving a massive blast radius, the likes that have never been witnessed. To know him was an absolute privilege of which few will ever recover from the void this leaves in their lives. He will be forever missed and never duplicated.

So loan Dan a few bucks this week so he may buy for you your favorite vice this week. Dan is now free to explore the quantum and assures the universe he will be right there, after he takes care of a couple of things.

All Cheers to Daniel Fitzpatrick.

Dan is survived by his children Fallon, Thomas and their mother Julie, parents Mark and Susan, siblings Tessy and Simon, his loves Amy, Dahlia, Cheyenne, Clementine and Argent bird who does an excellent imitation of Dan in case you are ever in need.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to help his children through the PRN Foundation:


Family and friends will gather Sunday, Sep. 19, 2021 for visitation from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. in the Strawmyer & Drury Mortuary, 2400 N. Lebanon Street, Lebanon.

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