Old cemeteries present challenges like who is buried there is it a man or woman, adult a child.  These questions can be answered without disturbing the site.

One way of answering these questions is cemetery dowsing

Dr. Larry Truitt assembles the tools for cemetery dowsing. He uses two pieces of half inch PVC pipe and to wire coat hangers. The coat hanger when opened up should be approximately 30 inches long and then one end is bent to a right angle about 5 inches long. The short end is inserted into the PVC.

Dr. TRUITT uses this technique in a cemetery to locate grave sites that have either disappeared over time or have been vandalized but nonetheless need to be located.  This technique becomes very important in old cemeteries and is one that is used without disrupting anything in place. Using this simple tool he can walk across the ground and by holding the PVC extended at chest height and his elbows close to his side

As he walks across the ground the extended coat hanger wire will move as he approaches each grave site.  When he is standing directly over a burial site the coat hanger wires will cross.

As he moves off the site the wires will open up. If he moves left or right from this position as long as he is over the grave itself the wires remain crossed. If he moves off the grave itself the wires will open up. In most cemeteries one can determine the head or foot by a compass direction usually the head is to the west.   The foot is to the East.

That is by convention and maybe has a religious connotation.

At any rate if one uses the tool walking from gravesite to gravesite to determine where the head actually is one should turn to the left or right depending on which direction you’re going. Let us say you are over grave sites and in front of you is north, then you want to turn to left.

Take a step, the wires remain crossed, take another step the wires remained crossed, again the wires remain crossed.  Another step the wires open. Turnaround take a small step forward the wires remain open, take a small step forward the wires cross.

You’re at the head, step forward the wires remain crossed. You are over the remains of the body step forward, step forward. If you’re over an adult you can move forward or 4 feet 5 feet maybe 6 and remain over the body if you’re over a child from the head to toe may only be 2 feet.

There is a lot that an individual can tell by dousing a grave site. You can in fact know whether or not the individual buried is a male or female, an adult or child whether the individual is tall or short.  The information determined is to be verified. How do you verify facts in the next story.

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