Photo from Left to Right: Jeff Byrum, Dr. Thomas Cartwright, Dr. Christopher Huffer

Dr. Christopher Huffer, Pulmonologist at Witham Health Services and Jeff Byrum, former Executive Director at Witham health Services had the honor to present Dr. Thomas Cartwright The “Outstanding Professional of the Year” award  at Thursday’s Chamber banquet.

Dr. Cartwright came to Boone County over 16 years ago as a Witham physician. At the time Witham did not have a pulmonary or sleep medicine program. He took a chance by starting these essential services while giving our community access to new avenues of care. He set standards for physicians at Witham. He was a foundational leader for our culture of caring and grace by example as other physicians saw him practice. He has the dynamic combination of being a truly gifted clinical doctor and also having the personality and communication skills to get patients to believe in what we were trying to do. He devoted his career at Witham to world class care, kindness and grace to his patients and developing Witham into what is has become today.

As Dr. Huffer said “Not everyone can tell the difference between the average doctor and a supremely gifted one…but I can. Tom, you are the greatest. Witham would not be Witham without the dedication of Dr. Thomas Cartwright.”

Witham congratulates Dr. Thomas Cartwright on this most deserving “Outstanding Healthcare Professional of the Year” award!

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