Dull’s Tree Farm will host the 2018 Indiana Barn Foundation Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 21. Located between Frankfort and Lebanon, the Christmas tree farm will serve as the ideal setting for the meeting that focuses on heritage barns. The gathering of barn enthusiasts from across the state will take place in a recently reconstructed historic barn that was moved to the Dull property from Carroll County.

Registration for the annual meeting begins at 8:30 am and the program starts at 9:00. The day concludes with a tour of the property that includes an 1888 timber frame barn, granary, and several log structures that were disassembled and brought to the Dull property.

The program begins with a presentation of iconic heritage barns from across the state given by Tommy Kleckner, Director of the Western Region, Indiana Landmarks.

Participants will then have the opportunity to learn more about the Heritage Barn Tax Deduction and how barn owners can go about claiming this tax savings.

Indiana’s historic barns have been on the move in recent years. One barn was moved across the road by a couple who had fond memories of playing in the barn during their childhood and wanted to save the barn. When their neighbor no longer wanted the barn, they moved it to their property. Another barn was recently moved to Australia. Participants will hear the fascinating stories about what it takes to move a barn.

During the annual meeting participants will learn about the activities of the Indiana Barn Foundation, what resources are available, and how individuals, organizations and businesses can get involved to help save old barns across the state.

The Indiana Barn Foundation was able to launch the Mauri L. Williamson grant program in 2017. Two families will each receive $2500 to assist them in conserving their old barns. The families will be on hand to share how they plan to fix up their barns.

The day wraps up with the story of the Dull Family and why they chose to invest not only in their old barns, but to move another heritage barn and several log cabins to their property, and build their business. A tour of the barns and log cabins follows.

Artists and photographers will be present to display their work. Various items will be for sale. Contractors, barn experts, and members of the National Barn Alliance will be available to answer barn repair questions. If you are a barn owner and would like some free advice, be sure to bring good quality photographs of your barn, especially close-up photos of the foundation, roof, and frame joints.

To register, go to: indianabarns.org. For more information, contact: Janet Ayres (ayres.janet.sue@gmail.com).

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