Retired Frankfort Police officer Rob Bales is battling ALS and needs your help . Rob needs an ALS power chair. After insurance his co-pay is $5,400.

Many events are underway to raise funds for the project  including a fitness fundraiser organized by Carrie. A workout class will be conducted in Rossville at the town park. It is a workout called POUND which is a cardio/strength Workout involving music and sticks for a fun, full body workout. All ages are welcome to join us.

The workout date is Saturday, September 26th, 8-11 am. There will be a jar for all of your donations. Over the 3 hours you can come and go as you please. Stay for 1 song, pound for 3 hours or just come by to support and donate.
Bring your family or friends with you. MORE THE MERRIER
Classes will be simplified and modified so that anyone can join class. And will be a 30 minute loop with a few breaks. We hope to have you join us to help with this great cause.


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