Here is a list of websites specializing in images that are free of copyright or royalty fees. Please note that some individual images must be attributed. We have a new plug-in on the website that will make placing the attribution one-click easy.

For picture sources, your first resort should be the new Pixabay plug-in. You can search for images without leaving the post edit window. There is a “Pixabay” button next to the “Add Media” button in your post editor. Click that and follow the prompts.

Other sites:

You have to be a little careful with these sites, because they accept advertising from paid-image sites, and if you don’t watch where you click, you could end up on one of those commercial sites.

Google Image Search

If you can’t find what you want it any other way, perform a Google search:

  1. Open a browser window containing the Google search engine.
  2. Enter your keywords into the search field.
  3. From the set of links across the top, select “Images.”
  4. Click on “Tools,” and then on “Usage Rights.”
  5. From the drop-down Usage Rights sub- menu, select “Cleared for commercial use.”
  6. That will narrow your image choices considerably. Find the image you like, click on it, then click on the larger version to take you to the website containing that image.
  7. There you should see some attribution information. If attribution is required, copy the attribution text.
  8. Save the image to your computer.
  9. From it within the web dashboard, click “Add Media” and upload your image.
  10. In the Media Library, select your new image. Paste the attribution text into the Caption field.