The Indiana Supreme Court, in a 4 to 1 opinion, affirmed the convictions and sentence of Zachariah Brian Wright 23, obtained following his November 2019 bench trial in the Boone Superior Court 1. In January of 2020, Boone Superior Court I Judge Matthew Kincaid sentenced Wright to Life Imprisonment without the possibility of parole plus 20 ½ years at the Indiana Department of
Corrections. The convictions and sentence stem from brutal acts of violence perpetrated on Max and Sonja Foster in the morning hours of June 18, 2017 while they were asleep in their Lebanon, Boone County residence.
In its ruling, the Indiana Supreme Court addressed two issues brought up on appeal. First, the Supreme Court found “that the trial court properly denied his (Wright’s) request to selfrepresent.” Additionally, the Court upheld the sentence imposed by the trial court stating that “neither his character nor the nature of his offenses dictates otherwise, we hold that the defendant’s sentence was not inappropriate.”

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