Indiana University is offering free, online training in the administration of Naloxone/Narcan, the lifesaving drug that is used to reverse opioid overdoses. The training is quick, easy, and online. All you have to do is sign up to participate.
The Opioid Rapid Response System (ORRS) uses the PulsePoint mobile app technology – linking in real-time, citizen responders to possible opioid overdose events occurring in public places in the community. Citizen responders are members of the general public who want to be trained in naloxone and rescue breathing administration, NOT a trained first responder (e.g., physician, EMT, fire or
rescue, or law enforcement).
Indiana University’s goal is to provide free online naloxone training to 220 people residing in Boone and Hancock Counties. All participants receive a free naloxone kit and compensation for completing two surveys. The study ends June 30, 2021.
To learn more about ORRS and sign up for FREE Naloxone Training please use the link provided below:

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