To remind people, especially parents, of the importance of heart health, the American Heart Association is delivering 3,000 tiny, crocheted, red hats to Central Indiana hospitals for infants.
It’s the Little Hats, Big Hearts program to promote February’s American Heart Month. “From the starting point, when someone is born, hopefully, it’s inspiring to those parents to start heart-healthy habits,” Indiana American Heart Association board member Jonathan Sundheimer said. “Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the U.S. and the sooner you can address those issues, whether as a child or a baby, the better off, we think, everyone is going to be.”
The hats were knitted or crocheted by volunteers and packaged with information for new parents about living a heart-healthy life.

Witham Hospital had 45 hats delivered by Allie Tribble of the American Heart Association. She said the number was based on an average, monthly birth rate. More details in the Lebanon Reporter.