Pizza Hut has been in the news lately announcing that they are closing 500 underperforming restaurants and focusing on their carryout business. Happily there’s no indication that these closing will affect the popular Pizza Hut at 1707 N Lebanon St. here in Lebanon. The recently rebuilt eatery is thriving and many regulars will tell you that the dedication and enthusiasm of one particular employee has a lot to do with that. That long-time employee is Su Ok.

Whether you’re a regular or an occasional guest, the odds are you’ve been greeted or served by Su. She’s been a fixture there for 32 years. She happily spreads her 40 hours a week out over six days, taking only Saturday off. Her co-workers and managers will tell you Su keep the place humming, making sure supplies are full and customers are well cared for.

On a recent Sunday, the Ray family stopped in for lunch after church and received an enthusiastic welcome from their favor server. Heather Ray says that Su makes her children, Elijah and Vivian, feel welcome and comfortable. She even anticipates their needs, making every visit a special one.

Su was born in Korea and came to the United States with her former husband. She has two adult daughters and ran a local bar before coming to work at Lebanon’s Pizza Hut over three decades ago. She stays there now because she enjoys it. She’ll proudly tell you they have the best salad bar and pizza in town.

Assistant manager Tasha says she’s heard other managers say “If Su quits, we’ll go out of business.” Luckily for Lebanon, both Su and Pizza Hut seem to be here to stay for a while.

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