State officials are considering rerouting water from Tippecanoe County down to Lebanon for a planned industrial complex.

During a public forum on Monday, local officials and experts expressed concerns about sustainable water use in Tippecanoe County. Boone County doesn’t have enough water to meet the needs of the kinds of manufacturers Lebanon hopes to attract. The state’s plan to route water south has raised the eyebrows of local officials worried about what that could mean for the west-central region’s supply. Proposals have included piping over 100 million gallons of water to Lebanon every day.

The forum was held by the League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette at the Tippecanoe County Fairground. During a question and answer portion speakers were asked if the valve to Lebanon would be closed if there was a drought event impacting Tippecanoe County. After the question was read the crowd of several hundred attendees broke into applause. The complete story can be found at

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