Boone County Prosecutor Kent Eastwood is excited to announce that the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office has been able to obtain new grants and renew and expand existing grants for the 2023 calendar year. In total, the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office is scheduled to receive $328,024.08 in grants money to help pay for salaries (in whole or part of) for 6 employees, upgrades for technology including computer hardware and software, and training expenses. The grant money scheduled to be received comes from 6 different grants.

When asked to speak on these grants and their importance, Prosecutor Kent Eastwood said:
“These grants have allowed the Prosecutor’s Office to grow as it needs while not relying completely on Boone County tax dollars. Boone County is experiencing unprecedented growth as a community which in turn is placing a strain on County tax dollars. Having a fully staffed Prosecutor’s office is crucial as we must keep public safety at the forefront of our overall community growth strategy. According to standards established for prosecutor offices, the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office is currently understaffed by 5-7 non-attorney staff members. Through aggressively seeking out grant dollars, the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office is doing all that it can to help save money for Boone County taxpayers while ensuring that it continues to meet the standard of service that our citizens have come to expect.”

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