This was the first year for “Mom Cares” supported by 36 local area businesses and organizations including corporate underwriters Shoup’s Catering in Frankfort and Kroger of Central Indiana.
“Mom Cares” fed 20 families in need in Boone, Clinton and Montgomery counties this year and plans are already underway for next year; But it’s letters like this that make it so very special for all of us at RadioMom – this letter arrived in today’s mail:
I just want to say tons of thank you to you folks for giving the contest at Thanksgiving time. Due to theft my food was stolen…and a lady’s son at 52 of age just died of a heart attack in April…and she had 2 girls ..took what money she could and her savings for all that.
So I took all to Indianapolis and fixed us a meal — we are all very grateful to you folks.
Thank you much and may God bless all however anyone may need it!
RadioMom Listener, Frankfort, IN

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